Kotak Prime Mahindra Bank Kotak Prime Fraud By Head Office Sec-125 Noida

They started conversation to sanction loan on 10.99 ROI and taken my signature on agreement paper till that time 10.99 ROI was mentioned on that agreement. I asked his executive (Vivek Kumar) to give some acknowledgement for same he said letter will reach at your home address by post. They replaced my agreement paper as per their conditions which I got after paying my 1st EMI. They released welcome letter with 20 ROI. When I saw that I raised my concern to Vivek’s boss whose name is Lokesh Kumar (he is the guy who twisted each and every process, in all communications). Many times he tried to manipulate me with his unjustifiable reasons. When I rejected all his points which was false every time, he said sir if you’re not OK then you can close your loan after 6 month.

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