KSRTC MIsbehavior of staff

The situation was, I got the bus from Aroor to madavana, (around 5 km ). While seeing the bus as an electric one, I enquired about the ticket fare and asked if there is a stop on my point (madavana) , The driver who didnt know much about the route, said he will stop there, While taking the tickets, I’ve realised the ticket charge was Rs 51 for one person… which was a shocking information for me and my friend, I got a bad and disgusting mouth full of words from the conductor while i asked, He could’ve mentioned about the charge rates, The conductor said, its not his duty to inform the passengers about the fares, and harassed us infront of all the passengers on that bus, which felted emotionally and mentally us down, I’ve never experienced this kind of insult from any other platforms.

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