KSRTC Pathetic situation of last row seats in Airavat bus



PNR:J70025368, TripCode:2320HHRBNG, DOJ:01/05/2018, DepTime:23:59, "Org"DAVANAGERE, "to" Desn:BENGALURU, BoardingPt:DAVANAGERE, Class:AIRAVAT, Seat:41,

I had booked a single lady seat in airavat bus. Airavat buses are mainly popular for their comfort levels.
So can only be availed by paying high price . But why is the last seats that is 41 seat cannot be pushed back..
So that where the tag line "sleep like a baby" holds good? And how is it possible to travel so long with out comfort even after paying that huge money..
And when everyone are sleeping in comfort zone.. why cant we..?? at least bid those seats for less price r remove them form the booking view..
So that people who gets cheated can be avoided.. Now who is responsible for this issue..
Even after paying same money as others in the bus why cant I travel with same comfort zone..
Karnataka sarige busses seats would be more comfortable that this seats.. Also AC is not continuously on..!!
Money is paid for the saervice you provide. while taking money there is no bargain but while providing the service why is this bargain done?????!!!

From now on i would suggest users,
"So don’t ever book last seats in these so called luxury buses.." .It is not worth for the money you pay.
As money will be paid in advance nobody cares of providing an alternative sevice to the customer.
Shame on you people for putting common people in trouble..

Concerned people Please take action on this issue.(" I am requesting even after knowing that nobody is gonna take action")!!!!!!!!

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