Landlord (PG) my ex-landlord os threating me

Shall i complain about this matter? As i need my adhar and id card
" I was staying in a room as PG in ‘ 14,Baba budhaji enclave ,Dakoha,jalandhar,punjab’, Landlords name(DINESH PRASAD ).I dont know its registered or not!I am a student of lovely professional University 4th landlord always used to disturb me and my friends,so we planned to leave the room and shift to another room.In the same regard,on 1 may 2018 when we went to take our security money ,he deducted most of the amount claiming for cleaning amounts 2000.So we opposed and in return he started fighting with us.The matter became serious when he hit me with a rod near my left ear and it got damaged badly and i fainted.Afterwith the help of my friend i went to johal hospital to get it first aided. Describing the whole scenario,in his response the landlord called the police officer warning us that he is calling the commissioner and after his arrival (in my absence ,as i was in hospital)he started narrating his own stories.he tol!
d the police officer that I have attempted to rape his wife and i was getting brutal on him .he also added that i have gun,knife etc.and ofcourse it doesn’t make sense as i am a student and not a terrorist.the thing i am worried about is he has my Adhar ,and ID card along with my signature which may be he can misuse in future.Today when I went to collect my documents he started threating that he has given to police officer and he would further claim my documents for some legal actions.
Dear media/audiences please tell me is it correct way to treat a youth showing the power of being a government officer,he still threating me ,I need JUSTICE /INSAAF for this.?

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