Laws discrimination Laws discrimination, Inequality Children protection POCSO Act 2012

The Honorable Minister
State of Haryana,

Subject: – Laws discrimination, Inequality Children protection POCSO Act 2012.
Respected Sir

I would like to pay your attention on the matter which shows discrimination and inequality in legal law system. Legal equality is the principle that each independent human being must be treated equally.
In Gurgaon women police station, POCSO FIR-147/15 has been registered by an innocent girl against “Deepak Chourasiya” in Women Police Station , Gurugram, Haryana in March 2015. The Official- Police should had to take immediate action of arrest to the criminals on the basis of compliant FIR & submitted evidences as per provisions of POCSO, but still no action taken inspite of submission of enough and strong evidence against him by the victim.
Her parents have been visited many time with NGO and requested to take immediate action against culprit but Gurgaon police might be fearing from “Deepak Chourasiy” because of his influence in Electronic Media,
rather than performing their duty to Justice of child. Electronic media never published a small news clip on victim’s complaint. Instead, in this case, Deepak Chourasiya and his team tampered an original video into bad/ fabricated low quality video and naughtily Broadcasted it continuously 24/7 till many days in public.

This is really very shameful for law & Administration system also it shows vulgarity of the Electronic
Media. this type of issues should be treated sensitively and should have been acted upon quickly otherwise it will decrease trust & faith on our laws system in public.
I would like to request you to direct concerned officials to take immediate action and give justice to the victim and increase the trust on laws system.
Seeking for your help on the above issue.

Jai Hind
Your Sincerely

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