lemon tree atrium worst service, worst staff


we had a wedding at your hotel on 27/01/2019 , Lemon tree atrium,ahmedabad.we thought it would be a great wedding but we were wrong it was a disaster and because of your staff’s service and other dramas they created i am about to take divorce with my husband.

In our wedding first of all the manager who initially took our event left the job then your team introduce us to another manager ms. Dixita, the worst manager i have ever seen in any hotel.

That lady was horrible she didnt give any service, her behaviour ,attitude was so rude that hurted all our guest.

She by her own will , without our permission change the menu , even though it was not as per our decided one, she didnt even servr out older guests, even the food was not warm, n when we told her about all this,she replied rudely and very irresponsibly , even didnt serve the food to the bride and groom the food was cold and the menu we decided was not there.
she was very irresponsible and rude with our guest that all my inlaws didnt eat anything. Even after paying such high price for dish , we didnt get even warm food .
This type of work from such big brand is not expected and due to which i am getting divorce , but now i will go to media and i have also filed a complaint , as we have talked to the manager but they are ignoring us so thats why i am writing down this here so that people get to know the real face of such big brand
i forgot to add one thing that we booked room for bride and groom , still they didnt provide at last moment, i being bride cried to get a room, we have bills of payment and that to in front of dixita still she lied and asked more money
we have all the written evidences against this emoloyee but it was a worst day of my life .

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