lg electronics india Refrigerator Repair

I purchased a refrigerator (model # GL-379PEX5) in 2011 and the gasket on the door of the same has come out, I lodged a complaint for the same on 19th October (RNP ############). The service engineer (Pradeep, Synergie Services) visited on 21st October and told me what I already knew, took visiting charges and vanished. I got a SMS on 22nd October that the part is not available (a very generic part and that too not of a very old product) was not believable so I called Customer Care (a misnomer) again on 22nd October and they said that they cannot keep a complaint open for more than 2 days and hence, had to close giving some reason. This again was unbelievable and gave me a new complaint # RNP ############. It has been 3 weeks and no news from anyone. I called Customer Care again and they gave me the phone # of Sarita Pandey, she was very busy and never had the courtesy to call back and when I called her back today (9th November), her phone is temporarily disconnected. Since!
I need to solve the problem (LG was my decision, so I must endure all the pain), I called Customer Care again and they said that they have no other number where I can call. I am completely lost now. Had a great experience with LG when I bought a TV and subsequently it had to be repaired but will now have to think twice before I even explore LG products

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