LG India Pathetic after sale support on defective Refrigerator

We purchased LG refrigerator GN-H702HLHU/2017 from QRS Nemom on the 5th May 2018, and the same was delivered on the 8th May. As per the instructions, we turned on the refrigerator after keeping it idle for around 6 hours.
From the very next day (9th May), we noticed that the cooling was low and requested a service personal from LG to provide a demo. A person was sent in the afternoon (9th May), from LG service center near Pappanamcode, who checked and confirmed that everything was set as per the requirement. However we continued to face cooling issue and on reporting, another executive HariKrishnan was sent from the same service center in the evening (9th May). He removed the board inside to check the flow of air and assured that everything looked fine and cooling seemed normal.
On 10th May, still unsatisfied, we reported the issue again, and the same person came and installed thermometers on both the compartments (freezer and compartment below). The manager of the said service center also provided a reference material on the ideal temperatures (attached) when we argued that the average freezer temperature should be around -18C and the fridge should be below 4C. On checking the temperature after more than an hour of no activity (keeping it at 3 – 3 setting), the final reading shown in freezer was around -10C and in fridge was around 4.5C. Harikrishnan took this opportunity and told us that cooling is fine and what is mentioned in the reference material is ideal conditions and wont be achieved.
Later the same day, the refrigerator seemed not to work for close to 4 hours and on inquiring was told that it was due to defrosting, and the team asked us to reduce cooling so that defrost wont happen for this long and frequently. The result of all this was further delay in cooling and not getting to the desired cooling.
Hence the call for support continued from our side, both to QRS and LG service center, and finally they informed that another technician from another LG service center would come and check on Sunday (12th May). As promised, the service executive, Pandyan (from Ambalamukku service center), came and inspected on Sunday afternoon. From initial inspection itself, he agreed that the refrigerator was faulty, and went further to inspect section by section. Finally he confirmed that there has been oil block and further use of the refrigerator would only worsen situation. In the process of checking, the board inside the freezer also took a crack while pulling out.
Its been a week and we have been through enough!

The team at LG service center near Pappanamcode doesn’t seem to have a good product knowledge, a willingness to accept fault and the technical expertise to troubleshoot. It is clear from the attached reference material that the specifications are for a different model and hence cannot be compared. Later we checked and came to know from the LG website itself, that the Fresh 0 Zone of this fridge is expected to maintain a temperature around -0.6C, whereas Harikrishnan told us that the said reading of around 4C is good.It says that this model we purchased has faster and even cooling while the team in Pappanamcode service center kept arguing that it is normal to take longer to cool and it is because we keep opening the door that cooling isn’t maintained. They even said that it is some psychological problem or aversion we have towards the brand.
We have had enough and do not have the patience to take this any longer. Hence request for a replacement at the earliest. All proofs needed such as videos on refrigerator condition and temperature readings have been taken on Sunday. Also note that we are not willing for any kind of repair since it is a brand new product we purchased less than a week ago.
Please escalate this to whomever concerned so that there is no further delay. Thank you

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