I have sent emails, submitted letters physically and called over phone to North Kolkata branch as well to email address provided in website of LIC Housing. The request was given two years ago. Then again I started shifting to another bank, request to LICHFL was given on 1st week of Novemebr, they replied to come after one month. A month is over , they are silent. Email request was sent to corporate address of customer care. But no reply received officially yet.The branch Manager not interested to listen nor doing any service. I am in dark how to get LOD and foreclosure letter as a government institution not thinking about its customers is a very strange thing. I fear to recommend anybody to apply loan from LICHFL ever. But my concern is how to get rid of this relationship. Can I get any solution as I am losing heavily in holding my loan with LICHFL at abnormally higher interest rates. Can anybody help me please. It is total harassment.

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