Link Utsav Reistration Plate and Haryana Govt RTO HSRP not delivered or issued

I had applied for the High Security registration plate (HSRP) from harayana online site i.e on 03/10/2018 at Link Utsav Reg Plate Pvt Ltd. I had paid a fee of Rs 379.44 at online and as per online information in week your plate are ready and collect it from Rewari RTO. After that I have visited the center at least 5-6 times and on every visit the guy gives a new date stating the HSRP are not yet ready and till dated not received any plate. i visited the centre & same old reply was given that plates are not ready.I don,t know why Tatkal fees is charged when the plates are not issued even after 40 days. The people dealing at the center are very rude and highly unprofessional in dealing with the customer. They are treating us as we are begging them.Their only reply remains that plates are not ready & don,t know when these will be ready,you can go any where &complaint anywhere. We have paid for the HSRP to them then how they can harass us. The staff at the center does not have any respect for Senior citizens. It is a very sad state of affair as the customers are being harrased only because of the rule enforced by the government without having proper infrastructure created to deal with the situation.I request your goodself to take stern action on the firm for not discharging their duty effectively.The details of receipt are as follows:- Order No. HR20181003110057186
owner name:- Rajender Singh
Vehicle no :-HR36Z6856
Vehicle : Car

* Kindly refund my money if you are helpless.

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