Mahanagar Gas Complaint on Connection & Billing in different name

Sir / Madam

This refers to BP number 1100379380 in the customer name of Kukreja Construction with address of our Flat was delivered in our Flat 303, Orchid Residency, Govandi East, Mumbai 400088.

I once again request you to redress the problem created due to inordinate delay and indifference to just, logical and reasonable action requested from the Company

I once again highlight the issue and reiterate my request

(1) I paid by cheque to MGL sometimes in 2004-05 or so for a piped gas connection. However, no connection was installed for more than a decade.

(2) Suddenly in 2019, some MGL officials came for installation and I signed it as the application/Owner of the flat. Final installation documents for installation was brought after a few weeks with "Kukreja Construction" as applicant. I refused to sign the documents and the installation documentation remained unsigned and incomplete.

(3) I made many representations and appeals. However, the issue has not addressed till date.

In the given circumstances, I request for the following to resolve the issue:

(1) If the application fee paid by me and the installation papers signed by me as applicant/Owner of the premises are not accepted by the Company as actual owner, I am not interested in your pipe gas connection.

(2) If company considers some one else (namely Kukreja Construction) applied for piped gas connection and company installed at his/her instance (with his/her signature on installation documents), the company must

(a) Remove the equipment from my premises immediately,
(b) Send the bill to the concerned applicant and recover any billing generated against the said applicant’s application.
(c) Refund my application amount with interest and the payment made for the installation work.
(d) Provide me a copy of my cheque paid for connection application and also a copy of my signed installation papers.
(e) No further bill be generated against the said connection and delivered to my address.

I once again reiterate that the undersigned is not liable for Comapny’s equipment’s at our premises, billing, dues and any other related liabilities arising. The company shall remain fully and absolutely liable for any and all damages and compensation.

I request for action within a week

Thanking you


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