maharashtra bank worst Banking system

After going through email or by telephonic talk i am getting different answer so it means every staff of Maharashtra Bank are not complete aware whats written in their bank website or no have enough experience.
Please go thorough the attachment (PDF File) its clearly mentioned that if the charges are levied after 3 consecutive months account should be closed after giving notice (its in the Scheduled of Service charges), so why my daughter account was not closed as it was not in Operational for long time, and from Branch Manager or Zonal Manager (Both Solapur) i am getting different answer.
Also when my daughter account was open it was with minimum balance Rs 1000/- , How it was change without prior information by post or by sms that it has been changed to Rs 1500/
It clear from all side that bank is playing with the customer, each and everything is mentioned in your website and you are only telling not like that this is wrong, also the person who is seating on higher post is not clear with the points mentioned in the website so to whom we should go and ask our difficulties, also in all Bank only customer has to face problem even though he is giving all proof.
It was my mistake not to deposit the Rs 3000/ ONCE I GET SMS THAT YOUR BALANCE IS FALLING BELOW THRESHOLD, TO AVOID PENALTY DEPOSIT Rs 3000/-, so deposited Rs 3000, and after depositing amount Bank started playing Games by deducting amount.
Nobody FROM bank employee is fallowing whats written in their Bank Website (Scheduled of Service charges page), even Manager level also do not know
In every aspect customer will face problem while fighting with Bank for small small issues and Banks also know customer once tied he will close his account and take money and the story close, This is Banks after all
Maharashtra Bank is – नà¥à¤µ मà¥à¤ ा लाà¤à¤à¥à¤·à¤¨ à¤à¥à¤à¥…,.

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