Hi People,

I don’t understand what is happeing around with these guys who are talking wrong about MNKS as I am really happy wheree I’m at preset. Let me explain what happend to me and how the journey has started with MNKS.
Being an orphan, there were no one with me except my friends and sumhow I managed to complete my educational studies BMS.
I got to know about MNKS from the news article stated in AA. I have been there for an interview and I was asked to pay the 300 registration charges for the fle and form which was a part of there selection and interview process, i was rejected in interview for being nervous and couldnt answer anything as i was a fresher.
I was asked to leave but next month got a call from them and asked to attend an intervew for the different position and the country, Canada and I did not have to pay anything at thtat time as I was already a member (logged in by 300). I did not pay the registration cahrges again as I was already a member and logged in with them.
Later, I went forn an intervew and hey asked me too many questions and helped me out through. They have selected me for an Admin Executive position and gave me an opportunity to work and be a part of the Cruise line.
I was so damn happy, later when I was told the process to go thrugh, I was shocked as being an orphan, it s very difficult to arrange the money and survive but Shaan sir helped me checking if there are any possibility from there MNKS.
I was asked to leave for that day and within a weeks timem, I got a call stating that I can still enrolled in that without bearing any cost. I was just asked to do a medical which cost me 6250 at medical centre and later was enrolled to Learn and earned process which means, could earn while learning and my proceesing charges will be deducted from my salary (cant disclose as it is personal).
Though it took little longer then expected but free it was and they have really helped me a lot and cordination was really good. Thank you MNKS and all the staff you made my life and now I am at the position where I handle the office Admin Dept.
It’s really nice Canadian based company and food and stay is awesome, will be returning in next 4 3 months, will definately get something for Shann sir who gave me an opportunity.
Thank you all the staff and my best wishes to all.

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