Make my Trip/Hotel Silicon Residency(Oyo 5051,puri,Odisha) Bad Customer service trying to compromise customer's safety.

Company compromising on customer’s safety by providing filtered reviews in support of hotels and not allowing genuine reviews to be posted..
In short,worst experience.. If you love your family and are concerned for their safety and their privacy then stay away from Oyo 5051 Hotel Silicon Residency,Puri..
Couples intentionally given room 918 and the opposite side room as both rooms are locted adjacent to the portico where construction work in going on and people from outside can easily peek in from outside..
Someone tried to peek in through the slide window which has no lock.. And the outside is kept pitch dark so that we can’t see them but they can see the inside clearly.. Incident repeated twice in 20mins.. Clear involvement of some staffs..
Intentionally Cctv removed,no power back up.. No lock in Windows and someone tried to peek in through Windows and the staffs and management are trying to cover it up shows their involvement..
Paid for 2days and had to leave in 1day due to such incidents.. No refund from MMT and no actions as well..
1st culprit is MMT for filtering reviews and portraying the Hotel as very nice..

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