Male escort fraud 7904424959 & 9489757652 Male escort fraud 7904424959 & 9489757652 they all fraud

Never trust on this 7904424959 & 9489757652 they are big cheater. They take money all run away. They convince you and also they will give you another fake number of male escort for backup. But that number is wrong and belongs to someone else… They are big fraud in the name of male escort job… So burn your money… If you can trust you will save your money with these cheaters if you can’t i am sure you will lose your money..
They will really convince you and send you even hotel address along with hotel room number and once you will call on hotel or you will visit then you will come to know that given room number is not exist.. So please be aware with that cheater.. Trust me you will lose your money if you give payment to them… Even they send you own pic which also not belongs to them… So don’t burn your hard earning money in the name of fake male escort job. Never pay for male escort on mention number 7904424959 & 9489757652 . They will cheat you in the name of male escort

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