MALE ESCORT SERVICE Bharathan – Fake male Escort

Hello everyone..
I am from Tamilnadu.. (Not like to say my district).. This is especially for Tamil men.
I saw a male Escort (gigolo) ad from Locanto where agency name has been mentioned as Bharathan (98946 12494). He is from Tamilnadu. But i don’t know his location exactly.

I contacted him for a gigolo job to solve my poverty problem. He was speaking with me like original agent. He said to save his number. He posted many lady’s profile in his what’s app status. He just spoke 4 or 5 minutes about client and job procedure . He said that Normal registration fee is 5000 but on today is 50% offer. So he said to pay 2500 in his same mobile number via Googlepay. Gpay shows his name "Vijay Kumar".

He did speak like genuinely.. I believed him and paid 2500. After that He didn’t msg me, he didn’t call me about payment receiving.. He didn’t any response on me. But he also didn’t block my number. So often I msged and begged him to return my money. But he didn’t read my any msg.. He is absolutely kind less fraud.. So all of my Tamil friends, be careful on that bastard Bharathan (Vijay Kumar).. There r many agencies like him.. So keep ur money safely

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