Maruti Finally I decided to quit from MARUTI BECAUSE MY LIFE SEFTY.

I have new dzire VXI AMT (17-oct-2017) (Chassis No: MA3CZF63SHJ188835) (ENGIN NO: K12MN2065450) having front brake issue ,The first service gave the complaint in running I feel brake apply automatically , They will found the issue brake pad and disk had spoiled and change the entire set ,after the services small time I have not fell the issue again but after 3000 Km the same issue happen two to three times ,on 7th Jan 2018 when I was driving suddenly I heard noise in front wheel it all most 4700 KM so I plan for the second service, I gave Unique Car Care they gave to the Cars India Pvt Ltd, Ambattur Industrial Estate ,Chennai
Now also they told the same issue in brake pad and disk totally spoil and also they claimed my driving style having issue, so I went there in person and meet service Manager Mr.Dominic and also test drive with his person. What mistake they found I donât know, He still not understand the issue, he just blaming others.
No one canât understand the issue and complaint,
1. I am really disappointment with MARUTI SERVICES
2. I am really disappointment with NEW MARUTI DZIRE
3. Within 4700 Km, 2 time Brake Pad and Disk change it is ridicules 4. Where the issue still not found, changing spare it not a solution. 5. The car have ABS, EBD, but where all this working or not I donât know If it works how only front wheel Brake only have issue 6. Finally I decided to quit from MARUTI BECAUSE MY LIFE SEFTY.

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