matrimony Complaint on Matrimonial bureaus

I have spent a lot of money (more than Rs.20,000) on various matrimonial sites in Tamil Nadu. Once you call them if they don’t have website or register with them online, they will keep chasing you phone call after phone call for payment. Even if the paid members of those marriage bureau which does not have a website of their own, are not able to contact the unpaid members, as the owners of such marriage bureau call those unpaid members and tell that there is a suitable match and upon payment they will give the numbers and contact address of paid members. So, unless they get money from both the party they don’t give the contact number/address. One of the worst marriage bureau is Chamudrika Matrimony, A Win Matrimony, Kalyana malargal and Bheema Matrimony. Till I paid the money, they were speaking to me for payment, from the very next day, I made the payment, they did not respond to my telephone call as my number get displayed on their mobile, they know that it is me!
. Such an attitude of the marriage is awful. It is unlawful, cheating and they must be punished.

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