max life insurance Max Life Insurance Incorrect & Back Dated Late Policy Issued – Policy No. : 125646042

Dear Sir / Madam,

Policy No. : 125646042

I am compelled to raise this concern in this forum, after a long chase of 3+ months with MaxLife Insurance regarding Policy Issuance.
I bought a Maxlife Online Term Plan policy on 28-April-2017 of Sum Insured of Rs. 2,00,00,000 by making a payment of Rs 31,503.63
But after a follow up and begging for policy issuance of all 3 months, finally I received the policy with a date as 28-April-2017, which is totally incorrect.
Does this mean I was insured from 28-April-2017 ? Would company had paid the sum insured if anything would have happened to me during this 3 months ?
No. the company would have happily declined the saying the policy is NOT ISSUED YET.
And now they send me a back dated policy stating I was covered from last 3 months ?
So the money which I have paid as a premium for 1 year, the first 3 months are a total waste.
I demand a refund of 3 months of premium where I was NOT COVERED as policy was NOT issued to me or Change the issue date in the policy to 24-July-2017 when I received the policy by mail & courier.
Kindly help resolve this issue and advise the further proceedings.

Jiger Shah

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