Max life term insurance Non processing of application No 513117317

I have applied for Max Life Term Insurance for 50 lacs with additional rider of 25 lacs vide application No 513117317. As per my adhaar card my postal pin code is 176120 which has now been changed to 175015 by Indian Postal Authorities. The matter was objected by Max life. Accordingly, i clarified the matter with justification through e-mail. I was assured to process my application in faster manners. Again, one of Max life employee send me e mail and asked me to mention the same Postal Pin Code as mentioned in my adhaar card. I did the same as advised by custom care of Max Life. Inspite the lapse of 15 days….No one has shown their dedication to solve my problem. This is my very first experience with Max Life…which proved a big zero full of harassment….wastage of precious time…..unworthy promises…..infact I am being tortured by each and everyone to whom I have contacted in last 15 days. Such a huge lapse from your employees may please be taken seriously who are resp! onsible to defame such a big brand MAX LIFE INSURANCE…..
I am very sorry to say that laxity done by the responsible employees harassed me severely. The unexpected toture is beyond my expectations.
Apropos the above, I hope that my policy will be processed on speedy manners….and true facts will only be communicated to me and all other sufferers like me.
Sandeep Guleria

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