MCD- Illegal commercial activities in residential area Showroom and Godown in Residential complex

Big issue for people staying in Buniyad Complex, Nehru Nagar East, Bhilai.

Running showroom in Garage and using a flat as godown.

Cleanliness is the most important issue for the people residing in this complex. Through out their employees and their customers are using the stair and parking areas but never cleaning the area which they are using frequently. Also throwing out the packing materials, plastics etc. out side the complex and never clean it which is a big issue for the people residing in this complex which may spread diseases to the people here.

Lot of large vehicles came here and create a heavy jam. People park their vehicles infro

Overflow of there waste water as they have diverted the drain pipe near their shop / garrage.

Apart from this through out the day there is sound pollution, air pollution, garbage pollution etc. which effects the childrens, old age people and house wifes residing in this complex.

Request to resolve the issue or guide us to take the action against the same.

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