MDDA Making of Pukka Pavements/ Footpaths in Race Course

To Whomsoever It May Concern
Dear Sir/ Madam,

This is to bring to your notice that the work being done in Race Course, Dehradun in the name of beautification of the area is detrimental to the environment. The paving of the roadsides with cemented tiles will not only choke the trees growing in the area but also reduce the green cover that is conducive recharging of ground water that is already becoming a scarcity in the city.
This is a sincere request from a resident of the city to look into the pros and cons of the process and stall the work under progress. The beautification can be done without compromising the green cover which is being wiped off at an alarming rate. Considering that Dehradun is geographically a watershed area, it is imperative that we retain the grass cover within the city limits and set an example of sustainable development and leave behind resources for our children to enjoy as well.
I hope you will consider this matter seriously and stall this destructive activity at the earliest. With regards,
A Doon Resident

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