Medi Health Plus Services Payment and Fraud

Dear Sir,

I had taken a plan related to OPD in the month of December, 18 from the "Medi Health Plus Services", Noida. The website of the company is While purchasing the plan, the company had promised me that you can send the OPD bills (In Different Category) to the company and we will give you the 100% payment as per the policy in a stipulated time frame after verification of the bills. After so many discussion I decided to purchase the plan online and paid the whole amount of Rs. 7000/- through online payment. I received the kit of all documents on 22nd January, 2019 after many follow up. I asked them also that why you are taking too much time in sending the documents after receiving the amount, they said this is our policy and it take normally this much time to deliver the letter. In spite of that, I decided to continue the plan after cancellation period of policy is over. When I send my first bill on 11th Feb., 2019, the company said that y!
our payment will be done after 45 days after verification of the bills and it is in process. I confirm from the customer care too many times on emails as well as on Phone no. 0120 – 4511943 that whether they have received my bills or any issues with my claims? Every time they promised me that we have received it and there is no any problems for the payment. I am attaching herewith the whole mail and discussion between me and the company during these days. Through my emails you can understand how much I have followed for my payment. But I have very much get astonished two days before when I got the recording message tone on customer care number that the number you are dialling has been barred. The no. of the customer care is 0120 – 4511943. When I wrote again to the customer care, they tried to convince me that you can call the same no. which has been barred. It creates a doubt in my mind immediately that this is a fraud company and I have been cheated. For the authenticit! y, I send a message on his website as a fresh customer and lef!
t another mobile number there so that they couldn’t catch me from their record that I am the existing customer. I talked the agent/official and tried to find out the details that whether he is calling from the same company or some other one. I once again amazed that he was taking the name of some other company – Well Health Care. The call I received was from +91 7838025807. When I ask for his company website, he gave me this website name: and claimed that this is my company. I can’t send the recording between us due to other format.
I read the website of his company too and found that everything is the same like Services, Plan Packages, Special Packages, Policy terms, policy period etc was mentioned. In one sight I understand that both this company is like the same and now they are cheating the customer with another name.
Please look into the matter and help me in getting my money return back into my account.

Thanks & Regards,

Rajnish Ranjan

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