Mentro solution Fraud ny hiding the terms and revealing after signing agreement.

Somebody filed the same complaint as I’m filing. I have to pay the ₹4035. for failing to complete the accuracy of 90% of 700 forms in 7 days. I worked for minimum 8-9 hours daily for 7days. And they sent me QC report stating "Your QC report failed". Now the lawyer email me to pay the amount within the day. Please tell me what to do. As I know, before taking the work they told me, that service and maintenance charge will be deducted from my payment, but didnt tell me about payment even after failing the work. This company is fraud. The work they gave me was images of cursive handwriting font. They have incorrected forms even on fullstops and comma which are not even visible in the images. I have the screenshots also. And when I asked for doubts at their helpline. They just replied to only one doubt and after that they dont.

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