Meritnation Fraud by meritnation


I am writing this to you after getting disappointed by the behaviour of your staff.

I have purchased your package last year somewhere around Sept. 2019, but since oct-nov I am continously writing and having words with the staff that I don’t want to continue the package as I am not satisfied with the services.

I was astonished to recover that there is a clause, which we were not told by the executive who registered us for the package.

My daughter got promoted to class 10 in the month of Dec. Itself and we have Barely used the product, which you can also verify from your sources.

Now bajaj finance is behind our blood and threatening us for the consequences, you tell us where we are at fault.

This is how you loot the people, without not giving full information about the process.

I am expecting to hear from you with positive reply else I have to take legal action and will have to take help from legal authorities about this education mafia.

Harmeet singh

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