Ministry of national highway under Mr Nitin Gadkari Require 4-6 Line Road between Dharwad- Hubli – NH-4

Located right in the middle of the Pune –Bangalore stretch (835 kms) of the NH4, in the state of Karnataka beginning at Km 403/800 on NH4 and rejoining NH4 in Karnataka at Km 433/800 . Nandi Highway Developers Ltd. (NHDL) has built and is operating 30 km. Since the road in only two line, free movement of vehilce is difficult.
As this NH- 4 comming under Golden Quadrilateral Road Project of India, Road are having 4-6 lines of width. But in this 30 kms having only 2 lines. travel time to cross this 30 kms is more.
Request for the action to expand the road to 4-6 lines by Govt itself or by NHDL( Nandi Highway Developer Ltd) om priority basis.
Thanks and Regards
Harish M

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