Ministry of Road Transport and Highways of India Road conditions

Hello Sir

This is for all corporations, cities, states in India. The local road condition is so bad that wherever you travel its always a bunpy ride with roads covered with potholes. Today most of thr states and corporations are governed by you so i hope this can be implemented/ maintained in a much easy and efficient way.
Also there are no traffic rules like wrong lanes, red light crossing, lane discipline, this adds to the pain while driving. In fact even traffic police allows wrong lanes and not following lane discipline. For lane discipline, we need to have proper road demarcations which nowadays miss on all roads. There are no separate lanes/ marking of lanes for right, left turns or straight.
Looking at the traffic condition these days, i think its high time that we should have clean and clear roads (taking action against those who illegally occupy roads for illegal parking or construction work), proper lights on city roads, pothole free roads (but jo patch work as it adds to the pain), start implementing lane discipline.
I am sure this will be the expectation of most of the citizens living i. The country and go through this pain on daily basis.
Hope to see these improvements/ implementations soon in india.

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