The Lingampally MMTS KIOSK ticket provider using abusive language and threaten and harrasing passengers for coins for a change even if he has available plenty with him. He asks for exact change even if he has change to give but refuse passengers and behaves with extream intolerable behavior. He usually threatens and try to attack too with foul language.
This shows the standard of that particular person and how come he does it in the premises of our respected Indian Railway. And how come he got allocate for this service? If a senior elder person would behave like this then how the young people would react? Anytime there is a possibility of physical fighting with that person and it would be counted as the fault of the young one only. He will be less accused due to sympathetic ground.
I on 23/07/2017, time 11:15 and i wanted to go Lingampally to Bharat nagar and wanted to buy a ticket which costs 5 rupees from the MMTS KIOSK which is just beside the main ticket counter. I gave him 10 rupees note because of no change and that person had openly kept two 5 rupees coins on the top of that KIOSK but refused to give ticket. When I requested him several times also he did not listen and threaten and use abusive language and showed extremely rude behavior which was honestly intolerable for any person. But I went to ticket counter and took one.
This happens usually as I have observed many times to that person. It would not only degrade the image, prestige and faith of our Railways but the image of the state too.
So I would request to take action immediately on it as it’s not only the behavior but a crime as he tried to ASSULT physically. It’s a crime with a fault. This is intolerable. It cannot be forgiven, forgotten and ignored under any circumstances.
That person should be punished as soon as possible otherwise we may lose our faith and respect toward the system and our Railway Authority. Thank you
Sandeep Kumar bishoiee
[email protected]
Cyber Tower

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