MNGL Pune Late payment fees levied despite non receipt of bill

I had visited Pune office of MNGL on 23109/2019. I was not getting MNGL bills in hard copy or in soft copy or even msgs. Calling up the customer care was a waste of time as they always told that the matter is already taken up. Finally got fed up and visited their office on the said date. After my interaction with their representative their, I was told that they have taken up the complaint and I should hear from them shortly. The complain number are 10426272‬ and 10426876. The complaints were taken for waiver of late payment fees that was lived twice and for checking why I was not getting bills in soft copy and why I am not getting sms for bill generation.

Below was the synopsis of my meeting with their representative which I had sent on email

Also pl help me in below thing
1. Bill on email/ soft copy. Email Id in your records is correct 2. SMS alert for bills generated. Contact number in your records is correct
3. Complete Waiver of late payment fees till date as I have not got bills on hard copy or email or sms alert that bill is generated.

Never in my life I have ever defaulted in any payments, so this definitely was due to lack of information on bill generation.

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