MSC Advertisers (OPC) Pvt Ltd & Invest on Leads, Hubballi NOT PROVIDING THE LEADS FOR INSURANCE SECTOR

On 7th June, 2018, Mr.Karan Yadav, was frantically following up with me for getting associated with MSC Advertisers (OPC) Pvt Ltd, and Invest on Leads, Hubballi, for providing Leads for Insurance Sector and has sent a mail on the said date, giving full details of terms of contract and the payment link.
He has not stopped at this level, but started continuously following up with me for payment, by giving false and fake promises, who should be taken to task and severe action may be initiated against him, as after making payment, he was not at all responding to the calls, when made by me in difficult situation and for seeking clarification, guidance and support.
The Company has not yet sent the Contract copy, although the payment of Rs.11800/- (Rs.10000 + 18% GST) has been received by the Company.
The following persons who were interacting earlier, are absconding, since their mobiles are switched off mode always.
1. Karan Yadav – 7899074118 – Not reachable
2. Anjali – 9538604596 – Not reachable
3. Mahi – 9886830539 – Not reachable
4. Naina Patil – 9986136569 – Not reachable
5. Pravin – Branch Manager – 7899074118 – Not reachable

Sir, till date, nobody is lifting the calls, nor they are calling back.
Please help me in getting back my money of Rs.11800/-, at the earliest.
With regards,


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