MSEB NAVIMUMBAI Change of electricity Meter

I am Rajendra Prasad vide consumer No.############. I had lodge complaint on 27/03/2018 about my meter that, meters display board is not working because of that the person who is coming for note down of meter reading is unable to do so. So that MSED personnel preparing bill approximately which is higher. I visited Uran’s MSED office Eight times but the in-charge of My Area Mr. Balekar had met me once and promise me that he will change the said faulty meter within 7 days and request me to pay the said bill amount in time and next bill he will adjust the bill accordingly, but he failed to change my faulty meter. And now I get new bill amount of Rs. 2560/- which is also prepare approximately.
I also lodged complaint over MSED app but as we all knows that its and Govt., company’s app so that nobody will respond towards a complaint.
is there any officer alive to take necessary action regarding my problem. plz do so at the earliest. MSEDC’s Uran office become laa waris.

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