MTNL Delhi 011-28035802 out of order since long

Dear Complaint In-Charge (MTNL Delhi),

Besides MTNL Delhi Landline 011-28035802, myself & my wife together use 4 Mobile Numbers (of Vodafone, Dolphin, Airtel, & Gio) and an Airtel Landline. Yes I agree it is a back-up and that’s why we don’t check up whether it is working or not. About mid-May2018 I found it is dead, so also today (June 08, 2018, Friday). I think MTNL doesn’t bother to set it right. In fact I have forgotten how to lodge a complaint for MTNL Landline. I know for Airtel it is quite easy by dialing 121 or 44444121 (preceded by 011 when called from other than Airtel).
Please make MTNL Delhi Landline 011-28035802 operative at the earliest.
As a retired Govt. of India senior officer, I still maintain the MTNL Landline and Dolphin Mobile out of shear loyalty and gratitude.
Thanks & regards.
Dr. Subrata Mukhopadhyay
Dwarka Phase – I
New Delhi – 110075
June 08, 2018 (Fri)

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