Muncipality- Kodad water lines and CC roads

Respected Sir
Good Morning,

It is to inform that that, the Muncipality, Kodad has statrted layong of new CC Roads in all the sub lines and parallel lanes.

In the process of laying of new CC roads, started levelling of existing undulatded gravel on the roads which was formated by the respective house owners at the time of construction of their houses.

In this regard, it is to submit that, while levelling of gravel with JCB in sub line road leads to Sarveswar Rao house from Hilal Masjid in Ward- 6 (parallel to khammam road 4th Lane) all the lateral pipes completely cutout and connectors are not traceable in some cases sub mains also destroyed and supply of drinking water stopped completely due to failure of advanced measures and same was informed by some our colony pepole to the concerned orally..

Suddenly started laying of CC road on30-7-2019, without rectifying the water lines or onnecting the cut pipes and without marking of connectors to facilitate connection future also.

Hence it is requested to kindly instruct the concern to rectify the same at the earliest and oblige Thanking you sir
Yours faithfully

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