Municipal Corporation panchkula Poor conditions of Roads

This is to bring to your kind notice about the miserable condition of road near Amartex connecting to sector 20 panchkula. There are many pits and holes on the roads.This pitty condition of roads lead to many accidents and serious injuries. These holes are always filled with water so no one can imagine the depth of hole. Yesterday my Activa got stuck in these hole resulting to slip and I had several injuries.
As this road is always full of traffic as it connects zirakpur and sector 20 panchkula so the roads must be built again and till then temporary filling of the road must be done immediately. Yesterday this mishappening was with me. Anyone could be the sufferer. Being the responsible citizen i request you to take urgent steps regarding this matter. Please do reply your work or action taken by you. I hope you will taken action soon before some major accident occurs. Yours truly
Saurabh sardana
House No. 2502
Sector 15 Panchkula
[email protected]

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