municipal corporations Road maintainence

Hello Sir

The complaint is applicale to all city roads in all states.
Most of the roads in all states are full of potholes and gives bumpy ride to the travellers.
There are no traffic rules followed on the road and even traffic police are not so serious of implementing the rules.
Looking at the traffic condition in most of the cities, i think its high time we should inplement followings –
1. Potholes free city roads, definitely not even patch work 2. Proper street lights on all roads
3. Challan illegal parkings and construction material or illegal covering of road for personal use like construction 4. Challan for wrong sides on all roads
5. Lane discipline – demarcations on roads for straight, left and right and issue challans for lane cuttings
Since today in most of the states we have you at centre, state and corporation, i hope these rules will be easier to implement.
I think most of the citizens face these issues while travelling by road and would agree with my suggestions
Hope to see good traffic regulations soon in India too like all other countries.

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