municipality Porbandar drainage water in common plot

I, Pravinchandra Harilal Dasani,(retd,Teacher,Municipal English Medium School, Porbandar) resident of porbandar city, My address is ‘OM NAGAR’ Khodiyar Society, Opp. H.M.P Wall side, near khodiyar mandir, opp.Bank colony, is facing problems related to cleanliness in this critical time of COVID 19, as my neighbors house dirty water is come out to common plot exactly opposite to my house,
i am the senior citizen of age 75 years and i am leaving alone as my children are out off town because of their job.
My neighbor had not join into the underground drainage system implemented by Municipality Porbandar
Sir, It is my humble request to look into the matter very fast as a matter of health care Thanking You in Anticipatioin
Mr.Pravinchandra H. Dasani. M-9429775459
Email: [email protected]

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