NA False Jobs

Niharika (7062020758 & 8239970247) acts like Manager
Prem Singh another name is Varun (8764192341 & 7597192117) acts like HR Broker Prashanth (9660328795)
Nisha finding numbers in websites (9660320861)

Fraud team, they will call us first and asks are you searching for job, if we reply Yes, they will start story, they have consultancy in Noida & Mumbai, they takes fee and provide us Job in IT software companies,
I paid and when i try to call back, they asks to pay to HR also, i got doubt & asked few more ques, they scolded me badly to pay amount for HR extra, when i say i dont want Job and refund my amount back, they blocked my number, tried to call from diff numbers, still they block them also.
someone should take action on this team, especially that baster Varun (7597192117) Paytm amount completely deposited cheated amount only,

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