I live in #3251 sector -41D Chandigarh . We received a post from Naaptol in which a scratch coupon and letter was there to state that we won prize and I scratched the coupon and it was written that we won Rs 7,50,000 and a code was written below .I call the number given in the letter. And there was Mishra talking from Bengal he asked for bank ac number and we gave it .but he asked to deposit Rs 7500 immediately to redeem cash prize . But we asked him to deduct that money from cash prize and then he asked that he will call soon to verify. It was all fake we have a govt post letter from Naaptol and scratch coupon. Please take some action against it . Naaptol should take intiative. To stop these fake letters sending to our home . Naaptol is a fraud company . The number from Mishra talking is ‭98512 93916‬

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