NAN enterprises Mumbai 08 Illegal development by builders and authorities

May it please your Honour:

The Undersigned complainant wishes to bring certain facts about the illegal work carried by NAN Enterprises, The builder / developer through his hirelings. The undersigned had lodged complaint against the hirelings of developer. The Byculla Police officials had imposed charges on those hirelings on 21.01.2018.
However, surprisingly Byculla Police allowing NAN enterprises to continue their illegal demolition, digging holes in the midst of Municipal Chawl after demolition of said chawl. The illegal activities of NAN Enterprises is going in full swing of course the modus operandi of NAN Enterprises is that they carry the work during the early morning by using heavy machinery like bulldozers and digging machines thereby disturbing the peace in the locality.
There for the undersigned prays that this Honorable Dept. may direct Byculla police station to furnish the details about the hazardous, illegal deeds carried by NAN enterprises and under what law or order of any court. If anyâ¦

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