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My name is arun sharma, s/o mr. Gopal krishan sharma. I had a accident on 30th dec 2017 and my head got injured and my operation done on 04 jan 2018 in safdurjung hospital delhi. My treatment is going on from safdurjung hospital delhi from dr. Amit dagar. My last visit was on 8th of may but dr. Amit dagar was on leave so i went to dr. Manish rawat and he ask me that i need to know the latest condition of your mind so you need to do a ct scan. Then i say that where we can do the ct scan i think it would be in safdurjung hospital it-self. Dr. Manish rawat ask me that my assistant will tell you the way.
After some time i meet him and he say’s "ct scan machine is under maintenance and it will recover in 3 month and safdurjung hospital will cost me the 2000 rs. I will take you to green park they will charge you 2500 rs. I said please right down the name i leave in gurgaon so i will not be able to go to green park for ct scan. I will do it in gurgaon and tomorrow i will come with the report. I did ct-scan in gurgaon at rs. 1800. And on 9th of may i went to hospital to meet the dr. Manish rawat. After 1 hour he call me and say you didnot go with my assistant for the scan. I said no sir i did it from gurgaon. The reply from dr. Was i need mri not ct-scan. I said sir you did not write the mri or ct-scan on the preconception report you write only"head injured protocall" and you and your assistant ask me for ct-scan that is the reason i did ct-scan. The replay from dr. Was we dont write the mri or ct-scan on paper. As per my knowledge dr have to write the full detail for test if any test required. And 1 more thing dr write the name of invalid medicine name when we search the medicine on google we didnot get the corrrect information. I attached the all detail on this.
My problem is that i dont know why dr. Want the test from only the lab in green park. And most of people will fell upset on these problem.
Please let me know if i am wrong or not able to understand the things. As per my knowledge dr. Have to write the test name clearly and mediction name in capital latter.
I attached the pic related to this issue if you want i can show the original paper for this.
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