Nilsikha Indane LPG Distributor Underweight LPG cylinder supply

On 09/11/2018 around 11 am it is found and identified that the Indane LPG Distributor named NILSIKHA 139 D D Mondal Ghat Road Dakshineswar Kolkata 700076 is supplying underweight seal broken LPG cylinders to the consumer / us. While we raised our strong objection in this regard and demanded to show the weight, the deliverymen replied that he has no weight meter with him as the distributor didn’t provide it. As soon as we lodged our complaint over the phone to Indane authority the deliveryman rushed to the distributor and brought one digital weighing meter (also unsealed and uncalibrated) and by that weighing meter, it is found that both the cylinders are underweight by more or less 600 gms to 1 kg. The owner of Nilsikha came and observed the whole issue. We submitted a complaint letter to the owner to acknowledge and to resolve the issue dispute immediately but they instantly went away without taking their two disputed underweight cylinders and one digital weighing meter and without resolving the issue also.
We reported it to Belghoria P.S. on 09/11/2018 around 7 pm and submitted one written complaint to lodge FIR against NILSIKHA. Belghoria P.S. kept our complaint without acknowledging it and advised us to contact tomorrow to get the receipt copy.
On late evening around 9 p.m., Belghoria P.S. advised us over the phone that the owner of Nilsikha or his deliveryman will come to us to take back their said articles. But none came or turned up. Around 10 p.m. we phoned up Belghoria P.S. and informed that none came, listening to the same the concerned officer advised us to keep us silent as they are enquiring the issue. Around 10.30 p.m., we phoned up the deliveryman enquiring their schedule of taking back their articles, he replied according to the instruction of the owner that they will collect the same on tomorrow.
Again on 10/11/2018 around 2 p.m. Belghoria P.S. phoned us and said that owner of Nilshikha is sending his deliveryman to take back and or withdraw their pending articles from us. Accordingly, the deliveryman came around 2.30 p.m. and took back all the articles (two nos underweight LPG cylinders and one unsealed uncalibrated digital weighing meter) from us. Still, we didn’t get the proper weight LPG cylinder supply.

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