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I’m writing this email regarding the behaviour/ professional of one of the employee. His name is AMIT SATWANI. He looks after the education loan for the Overseas.

As i apply the education loan on 11th June 2020. I have received the offer letter on 10 of June 2020 as soon as i got it, i have send the all of my documents to Amit on same day. He said will be processed the file. I have also told him that there is an dead line for paying the fees which is on 15th June 2020. On 12 June which is i haven’t got an update. I have to call hime several time to ask because it was Friday and on Monday i have to pay the fee. As i have to call him which is Friday After few hours he call me and told that my file was decline in year 2013. Which i had not clue. Instead he should call me and given an update.The person attitude is very rude to response. The person his making false promises that he will let me know on SaturdayOn 12th June 2020 and i have told him it is second Saturday bank closes on that day. Then he texted me midnight that forget his phone at home. Which is very unprofessional.I think the person was drunk. I have proof whats app text.

He also didn’t said that it will take 4 to 5 working days before sending the all the documents.Than i would not submitted my documents On 15 June 2020 Monday i have to call him again to ask for updates his response was really bad, loud and yelling over the phone. Giving very diplomatic answer. And i have to give confirmation to the university about the fee.
He also accused me telling i told lie. which is not true. That is very unacceptable.

I would like you to take the strict action against him. If you would not and i will sue him and HDFC for making false promises and running my career.

Regards Nishant Patel
Email : [email protected]

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