Noida Traffic Police Challan

Hello sir i am gurpreet singh.
Sir i am crossing DND flyover toward NOIDA and i am doing job in noida from 3 months and i always follow the same route and the thing is never any traffic police stop me but today one traffic police man stopped me and ask for RC and Driving liecense and said i never see this type of scooty is it run with petrol i said yes sir its run by petrol and he asked my number and said its just for formality nothing else enjoy son after few minutes i got a message on my number.if i have all the documents and they charge me fine or challan for there daily targets its not a good thing i really schemed on UP traffic police and even he not share the name he said do what ever you want.
Your challan number: UP################ for DL8SCA7920 and total challan amount is 1000 . For More Details:
You can contact at SP Traffic office sector 14 A Noida.
Noida, Gautam Buddha Nagar

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  1. Hello,
    My name is Suraj Kumar. I am a student. I am going just my street outside for repairing mobile. Traffic Police stopped and nothing asked to me. Just they asked my number and said that you will get a massage and pay 500rs. I said that sir, I have a licence and other detail. just I have not helmet it I am going to repair mobile near my home. I know it is may mistake. But helmet challan is 100rs rupees. He said 500rs for helmet challan. before this,never challan my bike. Sir tell me, sir how can pay the challan as a student my father is a labour. My challan number is UP2482190621182953 for UP14DH5659. now, now a day is my exams and I didn’t see the where pay the challan. Please solve my problem.

  2. Sir,
    I have recieved a e-challan which is for not wearing the helmet but as it is seen in the pic also i am wearing helmet in the photograph recieved
    Challan no: UP42315191012114947
    Vehicle no: DL7S BQ8785

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