Ola Cabs Have been cheated by Ola

I PAID THE DRIVER FULL IN CASH (₹588 and some 10-12 rupees more to make round figure because he said he did not have khulla) THEN I GOT A CALL AFTER A MONTH SAYING THAT MY OLA WALLET MONEY 500/- IS DUE!

If I had used Ola money why did driver Asadulla shaikh took the whole amount and even approx 10-20 rupees more because he did not have change?? I paid him the full amount in cash (and even some extra) and still my Ola postpaid money is deducted? I have to pay twice for the ride, really?

Your driver HAS CHEATED ME. It is outrageous to have received from the customer a money in cash which has already been deducted from Ola Postpaid!

No, only because I did not report it real-time, it did not mean that your driver did not cheat me.
Because I lost someone in my family and I was too busy to go through the app in Mumbai.
I got this call after a month notifying me about my Ola postpaid money. So that’s when I checked and contacted Ola back.
Bu your customer care executives are equally irresponsive and they want to extract more money from me.

I am a national-award winning artist (from India’s national academy of fine arts) and I won’t tolerate this kind of nonsense of having paid once in cash to the driver and then being demanded by Ola to be paid the same amount to clear the due amount on my Ola Postpaid. I am not going to pay for my ride twice. This is preposterous. Either you resolve this issue and clear my Ola postpaid due or I am going to take this further.

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