Olacab PayU Fradulent transfer


There was a fraudulent transfer from my Father Mr. Suhrid Banerjee’s SBI account. Details given below. Pls refund this amount immediately
Bank – SBI
Amount – 9999/-
Paid at – OlacabsPayU
Txn # – ############
Date : 9th Jan 2018

Pls call for any clarifications


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  1. Hi, this shoudn’t be happening. Please note that all transactions processed through PayU payment gateway are processed with a Two-factor authentication mechanism. Please note that the mentioned transaction/s were processed only after a 2nd-factor confirmation like OTP/PIN/Online password from the customer’s end. Also, there is very less probability of stopping/reversing such transactions. Never share your card number, CVV, PIN, OTP, Internet Banking User ID & Password with anyone via any means. Sharing these details can lead to unauthorized access to your account and PayU will not be liable for any loss arising due to any such unauthorized transaction/s.
    In this unforeseen situation if you need the details of the transaction/s or want this to be investigated further, please raise your query to your bank that has issued you Credit card/Debit card /Savings Bank. Your Bank shall facilitate you on the dispute process.

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