Onida Bad Experience of after sales service

Respected Sir

I am writing this letter to inform you that I have a 1.5 ton Inveter AC and my name is Dhaval Chhat bar and my contact number is 9892210332.
I have complain that my AC was making sound so I did complain at your service centre so your technician came and said your Indoor’s Blower is broken. Technician said part will come than I will fix that. Last 15 days my AC is not been fixed. Each time I am just hearing that part is not arrived.. so let me know when my AC will be fixed ?? I am very much un happy with the service ..
My complaint number is 1707C646380029 dated 11th July 2017

I am attaching bill of my appliance

Please revert back as soon as possible for avoiding further consequences.
Dhaval Chhatbar

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