Othpg google agromart unauthorized deduction of 2449 by google Agromart rs money every week for 5 times

Hello, Agromart Dev has looted 2449 rs every week, the total amount of money that have been unauthorised transacted is 12,245 rs. I have never Installed this app, never linked/associated with any of their product, in fact I have never heard about this app. still I have no idea how money had been deducted using google pay to agromart. for purchase to be made, you have to enter UPI PIN or OTP, but there’s no record of such for this payment. They used my Google Pay account to deduct 2449 rs every week – 1st unauthorized transcation was made on 19-NOV-2019, 2nd on 25-Nov-2019, 3rd on 2-DEC-2019, 4th on 9-DEC-2019, 5th on 16-DEC-2019. here’s the proof of unauthorized of the last time: https://imgur.com/a/KaMbUep

My google pay account which is linked with email ID: [email protected] Unauthorised Payment description:
by debit card-OTHPG
*Agromart 855-836-39 on 16-DEC-2019; 9-DEC-201; 2-DEC-2019; 25-NOV-2019 and on 19-NOV-2019

Please Refund my money that have been deducted as every transaction that happened was unauthorized. or I’ll have to take legal actions against you.

my contact details:
contact number: +91 7354427278,
alternate ph. no. +91 7748927957,
Email: [email protected]

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