Oyo Rooms Not received the refund from OYO for canceled bookings

I had booked the hotel rooms(4 rooms with 3 different bookings) through Oyo in "OYO 15466 CM Palace By Elegant" hotel on 30th August and then cancelled the bookings on 31st August. I had paid all the amount(Rs 5438) through credit card.

The cancellation policy says I should get my full refund within 7-14 days from the cancelation date.
Its already more than 20 days and still my refund is not processed. I called OYO multiple times and I get the same reply saying I will get the refund within next 2-3 days. Still I am not seeing any update/progress.
Please help me to get my refund as soon as possible. Otherwise I have to cancel all my upcoming bookings I have made through Oyo.
The booking ID and amount paid details:
WXNU9845 (Rs 1555) + ZBSJ6935 (Rs 1344) + WLDV3249 (Rs 2539) –> Total Rs 5438

This was the email I had sent to [email protected] For this I received an email from ARUN _00563585 and here is the email conversation we had:

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