Oyo Rooms Pathetic service

I have known OYO for its brand name,however the services I received from day 1 were worst. Let me list them below:–

1) Ist day when i came to take the room i was given ….someother customer was already staying and i waited for around 4 good hours for the room to get vacant and the shit in the washroom to get cleaned up along with other things.
2) Water problem as reported a lot many times.

3) Cable has been disconnected since past 15 days and even after lots of complaints …no action. We payed for the services we never got and are not getting.
4) Mostly people would be leaving the property due to pathetic services provided.
This email was to bring this to your notice to make sure this brand name is maintained. I am sorry to say but really disappointing.
Neha Bhargava

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  1. Dear Neha,

    We’re extremely apologetic to know about your experience. This isn’t the experience we want for our guests. We’ll look into this ASAP for you. Kindly share your booking ID/contact number with us.

    Team OYO

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