Panasonic Not able to repair

Dear customer service
I have purchased a national Panasonic P100 from extra Khobar to present to my friend in India.on 17 Dec 2018
When we started the phonein India on 30 Dec 2018 it was keep on vibrating through out till drain the batter y.
I returned the phone for repair 8 Jan 2019 to the extra store .the customer care guided me to go to Panasonic service 10 km far from Hail center .but they refused to take the phone .
Then they gave me another number to call .when I called that number he was shouting bad words at me as he left Panasonic service long back and don’t wish any disturbance from extra
Then I went back to the shop for the third time .again they gave an address .I called them but not picking up .
As I am fed up with this phone I left the phone with the shop even though they refused to accept .
Please help me as I already spend time and money a lot for taking this phone to many service centers . Please help.
Thank you
Dr Abdul Majeed Kavarodi
King Fahd military hospital

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